Friday, January 6, 2012

Speculative Romance Challenge 2012

Did you love the Twilight series as much as I did?  That is just what this challenge is all about - romance of the "speculative" kind.  I'm very interested in finding other books of this nature - not that it should be difficult - I have seen so many of them out there.  I just need to pick some up and read them.

Possible genres that could be included here:
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Dark Fantasy Romance
  • Urban Fantasy Romance
  • Steampunk Romance
  • Sci-fi Romance
  • Apocalyptic Romance

Many of these are genres I never thought I would really like, but hey - it's worth a try.  I didn't think I would like Twilight, but I loved it!

There are 4 levels to the Speculative Romance Challenge:
  1. One Sexy Demon:  Read 6 Speculative Romance novels
  2. Two Sexy Werewolves:  Read 12 Speculative Romance novels
  3. Three Sexy Vampires:  Read 18 Speculative Romance novels
  4. Four Sexy Archangels:  Read 24 Speculative Romance novels
Again, I am playing it small;  I am going for the One Sexy Demon level, and will commit to reading 6 Speculative Romance novels.  

To find out more about the challenge, visit:

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