Book Review Policy

Book Review Policy!

***I need to say a huge thank you to all the authors and publishers who have sent me review requests!  "THANK YOU, so much!!!"  

I recently accepted a new position at the school in which I teach.  It is going to take me some time to get myself adjusted to the new position and deal with everything else in my life in relationship with this change.  In saying this, for the time being I will not be accepting any new review requests.  I will be working on the current requests I have accepted as well as the book tour groups of which I am a member.  The book tours I have already been assigned will be priority, with any other tours with specific dates will follow, then any other requests I have accepted will come next.  Once my life starts resembling something of normal, I will again be accepting review request.  

apologize for any inconvenience.  Again, thank you!

My blog is primarily a book blog, however I do on occasion post other information (craft ideas, weight loss journey, family/job-related happenings, etc.)  I do try to keep the primary focus on books.  

I would love to be contacted for book review opportunities.  I am very interested in books, ebooks, and audio books.  I will accept ARC, Galley, or finished copy.  I can accept a variety of formats of ebooks, as I read them on an iPAD, and have several ebook apps.  Although the books I will review are primarily Young Adult (YA) or MG (MG), although I will review adult books as well. 

I read a variety of genres:  historical fiction, contemporary, horror, science fiction, western, suspense, etc.  I try to keep my mind open to reading a little of everything, so don’t hesitate to offer.  I would like to keep my blog clean, and not X-rated, so not erotica please.  I have students that will access my blog for reviews.

I will read self-published books, as long as I have sufficient information about it.

All of my reviews will be honest, and be of my own personal opinion.  In saying this, I do not guarantee a positive review – it will be my opinion.   I will review books in a timely manner - based on my availability (see note above).  I will cross-post my reviews to Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally Barnes & Noble, and Amazon (other sites upon author request). 

I would be interested in taking part in blog tours.  Blog tours are a fun way to spread the word about great books. 

Giveaways:  Any books given to me may possibly be part of a giveaway – unless the author /publisher specifically states otherwise.  ARCs will not be used in giveaways until after the official publishing date – unless asked to do so ahead of time by the author/publisher.

I hope I have not left anything out.  If you have any further questions, please contact me at – or complete the form below. 

Sara Kovach

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