Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Audio Books

How many of you listen to audio books.  I started several years back when my boyfriend was working out of town.  When I traveled to and fro to see him, I popped a book in the CD player.  My first audio books were the Narnia Series.  I listened to the whole series that summer & fell in love - both with the series and with audio books.  I had tried to read the series as a kid and never made it through them.

Since them I have listened to many audio books off and on.  I have several now through Audible that I have downloaded on my iPad.  I need to crack them out and take a listen.

Since I have mentioned many challenges already, I have also found one dealing with audio books:  2012 Audio Book Challenge.  This one will take the strain off my eyes once in a while, but still allow me to enjoy some great books.

There are 4 levels to this challenge:

  1. Flirting - listen to 6 audio books
  2. going steady - listen to 12 audio books
  3. lover - listen to 25 audio books
  4. married - listen to ++++ audio books
I am going for flirting.  I love to listen, but it often takes me a while to get through them.

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