Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 TBR PILE Reading Challenge

Do you have any books piling up - purchased or given to you with the intention on reading them someday?  Oh, come on, we all have those piles somewhere.  I have shelved - and boxes - full of books.  Since buying my Nook Color, I have even more - all those free books that are out there, and others that looked/sounded good, that I downloaded.  

I have decided to add the 2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge to my list of challenges this year (it is growing - but still manageable).  I want to dust off those books and shelves, so I can make room for more!  I know I'm going to get more!!!!!  I already have!

To qualify for this challenge, the books have to have been released in 2011 or earlier.  
There are 5 levels to the challenge:

  1. A Firm Handshake - 1-10 books
  2. A Friendly Hug - 11-20 books
  3. A Sweet Kiss - 21-30 books
  4. Love At First Sight - 31-40 books
  5. Married With Children - 41-50 books
I am going to give A Firm Handshake for now.  I will read more, but not sure right now if they will be older ones or not!!!

Go check out the challenge for yourself:  2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

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