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The Lost Curse by T. Lynn Adams

The Lost Curse by T. Lynn Adams

Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
Publication Date:  July 10th 2012
ISBN:  1599559552
Genre:  YA adventure
Book Synopsis:  Easing his pace, Jonathon advanced only inches at a time. Instinct heightened beneath unseen eyes and he knew he moved in the presence of a creature that could kill him. As he progressed forward, his light caught a presence to his left… a human presence. The dark image startled him and Jonathon whirled to face the threat, the beam of his headlamp cutting into the darkness.

Jonathon’s had more than enough adventure for one lifetime. That’s why he’s planning to spend this summer camping in quiet central Utah with his Peruvian friend, Severino. But when the two of them accidentally discover an ancient artifact, they wind up in more danger than ever!

Now Jonathon, Severino, and their new friend, Tallie, will have to choose between protecting a secret that’s been hidden for centuries or saving their own lives!

A perfect combination of action, thrills, suspense, and a hint of romance, this is a cover-to-cover adventure that you simply can’t miss. Join forces with this dynamic trio of teens as they delve deep into the mysteries of the past. An entertaining read that’s sure to keep you guessing!
My Thoughts:  You'll have to hold on while reading this one, because T. Lynn Adams provides such non-stop action that you'll not know whether you are coming or going!!   Not only that, but the amount of history and archaeological information that has gone into this story tells me that the author dove right in when he wrote this one.  He had to put a significant amount of time into his research to make this so realistic.

To think all this happens when friends get together to go camping!  I guess you just never know what could happen, huh?  They boys stumble upon artifacts that launch them into a very harrowing adventure - with others who are very interested in what they have found.  Could you imagine?  It all becomes about trust - who can they trust?

I loved jonathon, Severino, and Tallie.  They were very fun to tag along with.  The skill and thought that they put into everything they did made the story what it is!!  The fact that they cared enough about the significance of what they found puts them on a level far above their typical peers.  The fact that they even had to think about whether that significance overshadowed their own survival was amazing!

The accuracy and truth behind the ancient facts / history truly made the story for me.  Nothing was sugar coated, rather just put out there for the characters and the readers to take it at face value.  I really appreciate the fact that the author put in the time and effort into the research.

This is a story that will spark the interest  at any age group as well as male and female alike.  It is very well put together - a fun action adventure.
About the Author:  I’m terrified of spiders, can’t fry eggs, and my inability to bake a chocolate chip cookie has become family legend. But blessings come from weaknesses. None of my children have a pet tarantula. My husband volunteers to fry the eggs for breakfast. And all of my sons and daughters are expert cookie bakers. Life if like that–it compensates for our weaknesses by sending others into our lives. Isn’t that wonderful? Writing books and reading them is another wonderful way we can strengthen ourselves and others. I believe it is a writer’s duty to craft words that lift people and help them feel better about their personal lives and those around them, to see the good in life. That is a responsibility I take very seriously. You can learn more about T. Lynn’s writing at tlynnadams.blogspot.com. And don’t forget to check out her other book:  Tombs of Terror.

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