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Cromwell Deep by Kari Peterson - Review/Giveaway/Excerpt

Cromwell Deep by Kari Peterson
Publication Date:  April 19th 2012
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Book Synopsis:  Kaitlynn O’Conner was the elusive woman of many a man’s dreams.  Lucky for forensics guy Nate Morby, he was the man of her dreams too.  When he arrives at her house and finds evidence that she’s been kidnapped, he believes there is a connection to a case he is currently working on.  The most gruesome case he’s had to deal with in years.  Time is of the essence as Kaitlynn fights for her life, and Nate fights to find her.
My Thoughts:  Very well written book.  I found it to be so easy to get into, and was very enjoyable to read.  Kari Peterson has a writing style that is very natural and easy flowing - a wonderful story-teller!

The almost immediate connection between Kaitlynn and Nate made for a pleasant romance. I liked that they had very similar romantic histories - they were able to relate to one another.  Each seemed very shy and timid - almost unsure of themselves - not too assertive.    They are people I would feel comfortable around.  A good couple together.

Kaitlynn's friend Georgia was one of my favorite characters.  She is very straight forward, and tells things as she sees them.  The interplay between the two women made the story more believable.

The other part of the story - the thriller / suspense - was just as great to read.  Nate is not the typical macho detective, but one who is very thorough and gets the job done.  While Nate and Kaitlynn are spending time together - Nate keeping Kaitlynn safe - there is a killer out there attacking women.  I almost felt like I was watching TV - great imagery!

This one gains high recommendation from me - 5 stars!!!!!
About the Author:  Kari Peterson was born in November of 1979.  She graduated from Columbia Basin College with a degree in Computer Science, then transferred to WSU where her next degree awaits her.  She currently lives in Washington State with her husband, three sons, one male cat, one male guinea pig, and two fish... whom she is certain are male as well.

When the first glimpse of dawn broke over Flathead Lake, Kaitlynn woke shaking from the cold and the debilitating pain surging through her body.  It was difficult to breath.  Never had she experienced pain like this.  Any remnants of adrenaline were all but gone as the aching of the beating began.  Everything hurt. Nevertheless, she was alive.  She hadn’t the strength to leave her little shrub that sheltered her through the night.  She fought her body to remain awake as she looked where she left her phone out to dry. 

It was indeed dry, but would it work?  She reached her arms out and began piecing it back together.  This was even more problematical as her wrists were still handcuffed.  Her body convulsed and shivered spastically.  She knew she was badly injured and would not survive out in the cold for long.  With the final snap, it was back in one piece.  She pushed the power button, praying that her phone would spring to life.  She closed her eyes and waited to hear the chimes…

There was no life in the phone.  In the silence she began to cry.  She cried from pain, fear, and guilt.  She wished Nate was there to hold her.  She would give anything to have one more day with him.  Deep in her heart she knew this could be the end.  There was no way she could get off this island alone.  No one would find her, and any fishermen who were out on the lake wouldn’t be close enough to hear her.

Kaitlynn cursed pitifully at her phone.  If only it would have worked.  Her hands shook as she looked at the screen, and began pushing buttons at random out of frustration.  Her finger pressed firmly on the power button once more...


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