Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Plans

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a fun weekly meme hosted by Cambria @ CambriaHebert.com.
Each week there will be a new question to answer and share.  This is a great way for bloggers to get to know one another.

This week's question: 
Summer is approaching! Tell us a few of the things you are excited to do.

Yes, my plan for this summer is to relax.  I don't know why, but this school year has been really hard on me.  My stress level is to the max, and it is time to relax.  

Now, what does that me for me?  
I'll probably do a lot of reading!!!  Well, not probably!  - There will be a ton of reading going on! - Some in the sun, some in the air conditioning, and anywhere else I see fit at the time!!!

I'll be spending some time with my grandchildren!  Love my time with them!  It doesn't matter with we are doing - it is just about the time we get to enjoy one another!!!!  And, with a granddaughter set to arrive in August - I'll have some shopping to do!!!   Yeah!!!

Remodeling will also be taking place too.  Now, this does not involve much relaxation, but in the end, Troy and I will be able to have a nice place to do some relaxing later!!!

That's my plans for now!!!  Care to share yours?

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  1. Hi Sara,
    Sounds like a great summer plan to me! The lead up to summer break is always the longest. I totally agree with your comment about it being the time spent which is important.

    Here's mine; www.readwriteblogschez.blogspot.com
    If you like the blog, please do click to follow. :-)


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