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The Crown of Anavrea by Rachel Rossano

The Crown of Anavrea by Rachel Rossano
Publisher:  PublishAmerica
Publication Date:  January 17th 2004
ISBN:  1413700063
Genre:  fantasy/historical romance
Book Synopsis:  The first of four books following the Theodoric family, The Crown of Anavrea follows the relationship of Labren/Trahern and Eve. Labren, a man on the run, has reached the end of his strength until Eve steps in and refuses to let him give up. She nurses him back to health at risk to herself, and he offers her the legal and physical protection of marriage. A bit of a choosing to love despite fierce opposition tale. Like The Mercenary's Marriage, it takes place in the world of the "Five Kingdoms" during a different time period. It is another novella.
My Thoughts:  What a fun quick, read!  I sat one lazy afternoon and took great pleasure in reading this.  Rachel Rossano is a beautiful writer.  She has a way to pull you into the story and endear you to the characters.

I fell in love with both characters.  Eve and Labren seemed perfect for one another.  Eve is an escaped slave and Labren is a man on the run - we find out as we read, just what he is running from.   I enjoyed the twists and turns that Eve and Labren had to go through.  There is action and suspense that have you on the edge of your seat.  Then the author throws in  sweet romance story that is a pleasure to read. I must say that I was not expecting the outcome of this one.

I am so glad that this a first in the series.  I am anxious to pick up the next in the series, The King of Anavrea.

About the Author (From Rachel Rossano):  I was born in the northern midwest to a missionary pastor and his wife. As the oldest of four, I learned to be mature and responsible at an early age. That, however, did not prevent me from having constant flights of fancy. In my early teens, those flights of fancy began to make it to the page. I have always loved reading and constantly had my nose in a book growing up (fuel for those fanciful flights). It seemed only natural to start putting my adventures into words to share.

I love to read, discuss, and listen to comments on a wide variety of topics, both fiction and non-fiction. I look forward to interacting with others on this site. :)
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