Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When blog hopping, I enjoy stopping and reading interviews.  I like the personal touch it gives to the post.  Book blogs offer a lot of author interviews.  It is so much fun to get to know the author better.  Often times, I might not even remember the name of the author of the book I am reading, however, if I have read, an interview from that author, I can make some personal connection that will provide a recall of who that author is.

Since starting my blog, I have not had many interview posts yet, but I am adding them in as often as I can.  Sometimes they come in the traditional interview format, but they might also come in the way of a guest post.  I know - maybe you don't think they are the same thing.  But hey - I am still learning something more about the thoughts and insights of that author through that guest post.  

Some interviews / guest posts that I have hosted:
What are your thoughts on interview posts?  Are they something you like to read, or do you skip over them?


  1. Lovely this is

    do check out my letters at GAC a-z too

  2. I enjoy interviews too. In fact i have one featured on my blog every wednesday:)
    Happy A-Zing!


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