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Kiss Me, I’m Irish Read-Along: Chapters 6 – 10

Kiss Me, I'm Irish Hounded Read-a-Long: Chapter 6 to 10 

***Possible spoiler alert.  Because we are discussing events throughout the chapters of this book, it is highly probable that spoilers will occur!

1. In Chapter 6, Atticus goes hunting with Oberon and Flidais. What was supposed to be a fun hunting trip turned rather disastrous. Were you expecting something like this to happen or did it catch you by surprise? Have you ever had something that should have been fun turn disastrous or nearly disastrous?

I was totally not expecting anything like this to happen.  I might have expected something to go wrong, but I highly expected Flidais to fix it so that no one would be able to tell that anyone or anything had been killed.  I was a little disappointed that she just simply had the ground swallow up the body, but that it did not disguise the spot it had been.  I was also very hurt that Oberon was involved.  He seems like a very sweet, good-at-heart character, and he was devastated - as was I - that he killed someone.

I have had fun times turn into a mess. Most of those times happened when I was in high school or college!  - Go figure!!!

2. We are only briefly introduced to the witches (or, a witch) in chapter 7. What are your first impressions? How much would you trust the witches? Why?

The initial description has me thinking they are not big deal - just a young witch disguised as a college student.  Then as the event goes on, I get a little worried for Atticus.  I love that the things that worry Atticus - possibly giving up blood to the witch actually backfired on the witch herself.  What quick thinking!!! The second witch that makes the phone call seems more reasonable than the first.  Since Atticus has a relationship with the coven leader, I hope that they do help him later when he needs it.  Not sure how much I would trust them though.  I think they will look for any possible way to find a loophole or way to get out of the contract with Atticus.

3. Oberon says, “With dogs you just go up and smell their asses and you know where you stand. It’s so much easier. Why can’t humans do that?” Do you ever wish there was an easier way to find out where you stand with someone (besides Oberon’s suggestion, of course)? In what cases would it be easier or better to hide your true feelings?

It would be nice to be able to know where you stand with people.  Having to tiptoe around some people because you don't know what kind of mood they are in or where they are coming from makes some situations very difficult.  There are times when you have to put on a show for someone to make them feel better, or for another's benefit.  There are times when you need to be strong when you are just completely upset or angry.  I think there needs to be a balance.  I don't think that either extreme is a good situation all the time.

4. Chapter 9 makes Atticus’ life much more difficult: the witches are in some way working with Aeghus Og, Bres comes after Atticus, and more trouble appears at the end of the chapter. Have you made sense of what has happened thus far? Any predictions for what might happen?

Seems like Atticus is constantly having to face more enemies all the time - some of which he is familiar with.  I think that Aenghus Og will keep sending out his "puppets" until he has no other choice but to arrive himself.  I think when he does come it will be at an unexpected time.  I just hope that Atticus stays strong and that his allies will support him.

5. Atticus has had plenty of time to cultivate attitudes and ethics that would allow him to live a very long time. What do you think it is about Atticus that has allowed him to live for as long as he has?

I think that Atticus is a very smart being - able to learn a lot by mere observation.  He has learned from mistakes he has made in the past.  Adapting to situations has become a way of life for him.  He learns the weaknesses of his enemies and has found ways to overcome them - adding to his charms.  His strength is not being overconfident and learning from everything around him.

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  1. I love his quick thinking ninja Druid skills. No shake hands & avoids the slap. Ahhh...leave a little blood on my rug. Flip off the we go.

  2. "I think there needs to be a balance. I don't think that either extreme is a good situation all the time." SO TRUE! There definitely needs to be a balance because knowing too much about someone is never really a good thing. Plus, I like that my thoughts are my own. But, I wouldn't mind being clued into someones feelings sometimes. I have my gut feelings, but being about to see auras would be pretty cool.

    I totally agree with you that Atticus's strengths lie in his ability to learn and to not be overconfident. He thinks ahead so often, and I really like that about him.

  3. No...nothing goes terribly wrong in High School or College LOL EVER! I didn't want to reach back that far as I am pretty sure, I have forgotten all the details . That is my story and I am sticking to it :)

    Atticus does have a scary ability to learn and retain what he has learned. He is not overconfident but he is sure in his abilities.

    *sigh* he is just sexy too and that doesn't hurt LOL


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