Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Many Pages are in Your TBR Pile?

While blog hopping & reading this morning, I found an interesting post by Jean @ Finding Your Gibbee.  Evidently, she had come across a post on The Towering Pile, where the blogger had sorted her TBR pile by the number of pages – book length.  Some interesting statistics!  So, in keeping with both of their posts, I thought I’d do a similar sort. 

Total books on my TBR list on Goodreads (and I know some are missing) = 301

<200                              9 books
200-299                        74 books
300-399                        125 books
400-499                        55 books
500-599                        7 books
600-699                        4 books
700-799                        1 book
800-899                        2 books
Unknown # of pages      24 books

It looks like the majority of my books fall between 300-500 pages.  If I were to use 400 as an average and estimate the number of pages to read on my TBR list, I would be reading approximately 120,000 pages by the time I were done.  WOW!  I had not even thought about something like that.  That is a bunch of pages!!!  And to think, I am constantly adding books to the list.  
Looks like I need to get reading to get caught up. My goal this year is to read at least 100 books.  So, again, using my 400 page average, that is = 40,000 pages.  That means I should read about 3333 pages each month.  I have already read 8 of my books, and using the number of pages provided by Goodreads, I have already read 3139 pages this year!!!!!!  I’m off to a good start!

So, what are your statistics?  

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  1. Hey, neat, my first blog post that started a trend! :P Your TBR list looks very manageable. You can do it! :)


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