Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Can a Series Go on Too Long?

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a fun weekly meme hosted by Cambria @ CambriaHebert.com.
Each week there will be a new question to answer and share.  This is a great way for bloggers to get to know one another.

This week's question: 
 At what point do you think a series has gone on too long? How long should a series be?

My Answer: 

What a tough question!!! And I guess to give it an honest response - it just depends on the book (story-line) and the characters.  

There are series books that I have read and just can't wait to get to the next one - I need more!!!  I mean, we all loved the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter - Right?  Growing up I absolutely loved the Little House books and of course A Wrinkle in Time series.  Lately I have only read the beginnings of series - those just starting out - patiently anticipating the next installment.  Some of those include the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter) and the Katerina Trilogy by Robin Bridges (The Gathering Storm and The Unfailing Light).  

I can't say that I have read any series that I was ready for it to end, but there are those that I have read the first book or two and never went back - not necessarily intentionally not going back, just not drawn to seek the next one out.  

As far as how long should a series be, I think I would say 3 - 5 books.  I really enjoy trilogies, and sometimes a few books past that are just needed.  But again, I really think it comes back to the story-line and characters.  If the author really knows how to put it together, the series might go on for quite a while.  But most generally I think that the author knows when they are done with the story.  

What are your thoughts on series books?  


  1. Great answer!! I tend to agree with you with everything. ;-)
    Great to see you here on TMST!!! :-) Happy Tuesday!

  2. I absolutely think a series can go on for too long. Case in point: the Sookie Stackhouse books and the House of Night series!

  3. I agree with Bekka about the HoN series (have only read the first 2 Sookie books). This is a great answer, Sara! I agree that 3-5 books in a series seems to be ideal. Happy Tuesday! :)

  4. I agree...depends on the story. But I did think Twilight went on too long...LOL

  5. I agree that it does depend on the story. If the author does it right a series can be taken to greath lengths. I just went and bought a whole bunch of first books to see if I will be reading new series or if I don't care to keep reading. But once I am invested in a story I will see it through to the end.

  6. Some good points here, especially your point about the author knowing when they are done...

    Totally agree on all points. :-)


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