Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Book or Multiple Books at a Time?

Meme hosted by Lauren @ Epilogue Reviews

Today's Question: 
Reading one book at a time vs. Reading multiple books at a time

My Answer:

OK, I guess this answer is not going to providing an example of where I practice what I (preach) prefer!!!  
I do prefer to read one book at a time.  It is by far more relaxing and I often feel that I get more out of the individual book.  But, as I said, I do not always practice this!!!  I have found myself picking up a few books at a time, and for various reasons.  

Sometimes I will read a second or third book at a time because I am wanting to read it prior to watching a movie - and I don't want to put the other one aside while I do so.  Or, I just might be so excited to read the other books, that I find myself flipping back and forth.  And then there is always the honest reason - I just have to go back and forth so that I can deal with my attention issues!  - And I must point out here, that the attention issues do not speak anything to the quality of the book - it is all me!!!

Now, since I have started this book blog and reviewing books, I have found that I am reading multiple books at a time because I want to make sure that I meet my time-lines as well as just being able to post enough reviews to keep my blog active.  I do take time to read only one book sometimes, though.  And, I have found that I have been doing this more when I want to relax - like right now since my summer vacation has started!!!!

I know many people say that they would get things all mixed up between multiple books.  I have never had that issue.  Most times, when I read multiple book, they are not of similar genres.  I tend to plan it this way so that there is no chance of confusion.  Sometimes, I even go so far as making sure that one is an e-book and one is a real book.  You might think this is odd, but because of my visual memory, I am able to connect the content with the book type in my mind!!  But that is just me!!

So, how do you weigh in?  Do you read only one book at a time, or do you keep more than one going?  I'd love to know!!


  1. Yay, I'm not the only one :) and it seems we do the same thing :) And I do the same with the physical book & e-book, although unconsciously, didn't realise it until now :)

  2. I prefer doing one book at a time, just so I don't break its rhythm, though if I had to I could probably juggle multiple books. I've started books before only to have the start of a school semester prevent me from being able to finish it, and months later I can pick it back up without any problem. However, if I started receiving ARCs to review, I might do the same as you, just to keep the blog active.

  3. I prefer one book at a time, but don't mind reading two at the same time. I generally have a book I take to work with me and then at home, I have another book I'm reading. :)


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