Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Favorite TV Show

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a fun weekly meme hosted by Cambria @ CambriaHebert.com.
Each week there will be a new question to answer and share.  This is a great way for bloggers to get to know one another.

This week's question: 
 Let’s talk TV! What are your favorite shows?

OK, so I'm a little ecclectic with my TV watching!!  Actually, I'm kinda all over the place.  We actually have the TV on most of the time - sometimes just for company - even if we aren't watching it.  I think I'd be lost without it - I know I would.  We actually had a few months when our TV was broke, and I thought I'd lose my mind - but hey, I did get more reading done!!!!

So, some of my favorite shows:  

CSI - All of them!!!  I am addicted to these shows - even watch the repeats!!!!

How about some reality TV?  There is so much to choose from.  Some of my recent favorites:  The Voice, Design Star, and Food Network Star!!

A few other odds and ends - Ice Road Truckers, Saving Hope & House.  

And this only scratches the surface!!!! 

I guess you can say I'm a TV addict at times.  However, this time of year, I tend to slack off the TV so I can get outside!

So, what do you watch?  What are some of your favorite TV shows?


  1. I like Food Network's Chopped and I am a huge Deadliest catch fam. I enjoyed House , but missed most of the last season. Good picks!

  2. I LOVE CSI: NY! Other favorites include Castle, Psych, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, and Bones. Like you, we generally always have a tv on, even if it's just for background noise!

  3. I realy like Design Star and there are a few other reality shows that I will sit and watch. I think I might be a TV addict too.... Hello, my name is cambria and I have a TV addiction! LOL.
    I hate to say it but CSI just isn't my favorite. I think its too real for me... it scares me. LOL. I lay in bed and think up all these crazy scenarios so yeah.... LOL.
    Thanks for being part of TMST this week, you rock!


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