Saturday, April 14, 2012

Movie or Book - Which Do You Do First?

Have you noticed all the movies now days that originated from books.  I guess there have always been some - but there seems to be an over-abundance of them lately.  I'm not totally complaining - just a little!!!

As a teacher, I find that the books to movies movement takes away some of the imagination that is built when students create that movie in their mind - the imagery that is created from reading a book.  I know that there are others that would argue the reverse - that the movies aid students in creating that image, but to me it is not the same.  Although, I know for some students, this is needed.  For some it is a crutch.  

You see, this is where some of my friends and I differ.  I often rush to read the books before the movie.  Enjoying the comparison as I watch.  Others will watch the movie, and get more enjoyment in reading the book afterward.  I guess there is no real "right way" to do it - just a point-of-view!!!

As I said, this is not a real complaint.  I do enjoy watching many of these movies myself.  I have gone to see The Hunger Games (loved it!!), all of the Harry Potter and Twilight movies that have been out.  I watched The Help, many Nicolas Sparks movies, The Lorax, and so many others.  And, I will probably keep going to see them.  I am after all looking forward to the second part of Breaking Dawn, also The Hobbit, and the new Nicolas Sparks film coming out.

I honestly decided to write this post just to get a discussion going.  I want to hear what others have to say, which way they prefer - movie first, or book first.  Offer me your 2-cents.  


  1. Good post! I'm a reader frist, and then I watch the film. The HG film was about 65% as good as the book. It's just that Suzanne Collins is such a gorgeous wordsmith, you know? I'm a writer, but also an adjunct professor at an art college. For a while, I was teaching literature to film students. Some would wonder what lit had to do with film. Well, I set them straight super-quickly. I'd tell them, where do you think most films come from (books). And if you want to be a great film director, you must know the ins and outs of how to build a character, how to create tension, about plot trajectory, and all of the things that good literature will reveal to you. I turned one guy from a rebellious D student into an A student. One of my proudest moments. I'm over from A to Z if you want to pop on by! (Catherine Stine's Idea City)

  2. A friend of mine told me she preferred to watch the movie first and then read the book because when she did it the other way 'round, she invariably grew annoyed at how Hollywood deviated from the original story. I mulled this over and realized I was the same way and from that point forward went for film first, then book. Seeing the movie first, I can enjoy it (or not) for what it is without getting hung-up on, "THAT'S not what happened!" and "Oh, they cut that character out, HOW COULD THEY???" kinda stuff. (Though I do save the snarking for later.) :-)

    Some Dark Romantic

  3. Many times I've watched movies and have found them so interesting, I then plunged into the book. In the cases where I read the book first, I only watched the movie years after, when my sentiments for the characters in the book are not so passionate. I never expect a movie to be as good as the book and I guess that's why I'm not generally let down.

    Good luck with the challenge!
    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  4. I have only recently decided to see the movie first and enjoy it on its own merits. The books are always better and if I have already read the book and they make a movie, I'm not going to bother seeing it. If they made a movie to incorporate all that a book really entails, you could spend several hours at a movie theatre. You might even have to take a week off just to view the entire film..Lol. I much prefer the book and my own imagination any day of the week! Goood blog!

  5. I absolutely prefer reading the book first. I know that the movie version isn't going to be as accurate as what I read, but I'd rather go into a movie at least knowing what truly happens because I read the book first, that way I'm not too disappointed when it doesn't follow suit. The first few Harry Potter movies followed along with the books a great deal, but then the directors just stopped caring and did what they wanted.

    As for the Twilight movies, I thought they were really good, except for the first one...that was just horrid.

  6. HI, I do the book first by all means, and then, if at all, the movie. Sometimes not the movie because the movie can really ruin the book for me. ;) Best regards to you. Ruby


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