Monday, April 9, 2012

Hunger Games Movie

Since I posted my "H" post early - on Sunday, I thought I would post a different one today - as scheduled!  - Even if it is short and sweet!!!!
Well, I finally got a chance to see the Hunger Games movie tonight!  What a blast it was.  Eventhough it was approximately two and a half hours long, it didn't feel like it.  I was so wrapped up in the games, that it went by so fast!

I did read the books last year, and absolutely loved them.  Although the movie was not as great as the books, it was very much worth watching.  As with most books to movies - the books have so much more detail - you have so many more images running through your mind.  The creators of The Hunger Games movie did a wonderful job in trying to depict everything they could in the time they had.  I think they came pretty close.  My daughter who had not read the books thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  If you haven't seen it yet - What are you waiting for?

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