Saturday, April 7, 2012

Genres - There's Something for Everyone!

So, what type of book do you prefer to read?  Is it fiction or nonfiction?  Do you like realistic or fantasy?  How about romance or mystery?  There is so much out there to pick from, no one has an excuse for not finding something to read.  There is literally something for everyone!
My favorite genre to read is historical fiction.  I just can't help myself, I'm a history buff - and add a little make-believe to that, and you have the perfect book!  Some of the more recent on my favorites list are The Help and 11/22/63.  The Help was a huge splash not only as a book, but also on the big screen.  The heartfelt, at times comedic approach that Kathryn Stockett gave the life of southern black maids made this story accessible by everyone.  In contrasting style, Stephen King crafted a real work of art in 11/22/63!  With the popular controversy surrounding Kennedy's assassination, Stephen King could not go wrong - and the time-travel twist he put on it - only something that King could get away with!!!

The funny thing is, I haven't read many historical fiction novels. lately.  The abundance of the books that I have read of late are young adult/middle grade fantasy.  And, I am finding great pleasure with this genre.  Each on of these fantasies are quite different, there has not really been any predictability to them.  I've had one that had a similar - yet different - type of story line as the Twilight saga.  I've also had one that along with the fantasy, wound in some historical content!  I really enjoyed this one (The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges) - it is one of my favorites this year.  Other fantasies that I have enjoyed this year are:  Ties to the Blood Moon, Halflings, The Rock of Ivanore, and Candlewax.  

I've even ventured into the contemporary realm this year.  I had not read much contemporary prior to this year.  It is very closely related to the historical fiction, in that it is realistic, but different of course, because it is set in contemporary times.  It goes to figure that I would find some pleasure reading a contemporary pick!  

I have read one science fiction book so far this year - Across the Universe.  I am hoping to read a few more.  If nothing else, I hope to read the sequel to the one I did read - A Million Suns

Another favorite genre that I hunt out is dystopian.  The the popularity of The Hunger Games, with the release of it's movie, dystopian books have exploded out of the woodwork.  Along those same lines, are post-apocalyptic books.  What happens after the world has been destroyed.  It seems like there are so many views on this topic, and with that - a plethora of books to follow!!
Have I wet your whistle yet?  I know I have not touched on every genre.  I have not but mentioned romance and mystery.  How about horror or humor, cookbooks or crafty books.  I'm an ecclectic type of reader, so I usually pull a little from each shelf and give it a spin.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your favorite genres and of course some recommendations from that genre.  


  1. Great post. I personally prefer reading historical fiction and fantasy. I do read some chick-lit like Nicholas Sparks' books when I want to read a fluffy romantic book but would much rather immerse myself in another world or a time in history :)

  2. Great post,

    I read all sorts of books. I guess I can't stand to read just one genre because there are so many great books by authors that span a wide variety of genres. I do have a special plase for Historical Fiction, and Romance novels.
    +New gfc follower!!!
    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  3. I usually prefer fiction too. I like some dystopian, but don't usually like YA. Since most dystopian is also YA, it's hard to find a good dystopian I like. I like reading some non-fiction, but for some reason it's harder for me to get through than the fiction. Why is that?

  4. My favourite genre is fantasy, with an emphasis on high fantasy and urban fantasy. I love everything by Guy Gavriel Kay and Kelley Armstrong. I also like some comedy, particularly the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. I love horror, though for some reason I've hardly read any of it! I should really find some more horror... :D


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