Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop

Annual Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop
April 11th to 17th

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April is Autism Awareness Month.  To help spread the word about Autism we are hosting a giveaway hop.

For my stop, I am giving away The Forgotten Child 
by Lorhainne Eckhart - I will be giving away an ebook to 3 winners.
You can see my review of this novel here.
Blurb:  He wasn’t looking to love again. But what he got was a woman who shook his lonely bitter world upside down, and touched him in a way no other woman could. 

Emily Nelson, a courageous young mother, ends a loveless bitter marriage and strikes out on her own. She answers an ad as a cook and live in caregiver to a three-year-old boy on a local ranch. Ranch owner Brad Friessen hires and moves in Emily and her daughter. But Emily soon discovers something’s seriously wrong with his boy. And the reclusive difficult man that hired her, can’t see the behavior and how delayed his son is. So Emily researches, until she stumbles across what she suspects is the soft signs of autism. Now she must tell him. Give him hope, and help him come to terms with this neurological disorder—to take the necessary steps to get his child the help he needs. 

As their lives become intertwined, it’s unavoidable the attraction—the connection that sparks between them. And just as they’re getting close, Brad's estranged wife Crystal returns after abandoning them two years earlier. In amongst the shock and confusion there’s one disturbing fact Brad can’t shake. How does she know so much of his personal business, the inner working of the ranch and Emily's relationship with his son? 

Crystal must’ve had a plan as she somehow gains the upper hand, driving a wedge in the emotional bond forged between Brad, Emily and the children. The primary focus for care and therapy of three-year-old Trevor is diverted. The lengths Crystal will go—the lies—the greed, just to keep what’s hers are nothing short of cold and calculating. Emily’s forced out of the house. Brad fights to save his boy—to protect what’s his. And struggles over his greatest sacrifice—Emily, and the haunting question—has he ultimately lost her forever?
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  1. Hi Sara,
    Thank you for offering The Forgotten Child as an eBook giveaway. If you'd like to contact me by email, I will send you the coupon for free eBook of The Forgotten Child for the winners listed above. lorhainneeckhart@hotmail.com
    Thank you,
    Lorhainne Eckhart


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