Sunday, April 1, 2012

Activity is a Good Thing!

Activity has popped into my world on a daily basis lately. I have heard it in terms of many aspects in my life. I t has been mentioned during my Weight Watchers meetings, it has reared it’s head on the job, and I even heard mention of it during this weekend’s Bloggiesta.
Activity is an obvious topic, you might say, during a Weight Watchers meeting, and I think rightfully so. Since beginning my weight loss journey in October, activity is the one piece of the whole package that I have not implemented as I should have yet. Since spring has arrived and the weather is wonderful, I know that I will be finding more time to be outdoors and building in activity. Of all the activities that I can build into my routine, walking is by far my favorite. I will soon be getting my garden going as well, so I foresee a big jump in my activity level. I just need to be thinking throughout the year what I can do to improve my activity during the times of poor weather!
At work, we are always trying to find a way to include more activity in our students’ days. We are always being told we need to include more movement for our students, but often have less and less time, because we have so many other requirements that also have to be added in the day. The state superintendent has included physical exercise as part of her goals for our students. She has identified the need to address the whole student. This includes going beyond academics, looking at the arts, physical exercise, nutrition, the strengths of each individual. I think this is a wonderful concept! It is about time that someone something! Our students can only benefit!!

In the blogging world, the more you put toward your blog, the more activity it sees. You get what you give to it. I have found that the more variety I have put toward my blog – still keeping to my theme of books, the more activity I am finding from readers. My blog started out as simply a platform to share my love of books and reviewing books. I have found that it is becoming so much more. I am able to meet other bloggers, interact with authors and readers, provide input into various book-related topics, and be creative.


  1. i love this topic! i will work on improving my activity and the activity of my students and my family. i love looking at it that way. how can i improve activity today?

  2. Hey there! Here fresh from the A to Z sign-up list.

    I like this topic! And I like how short and sweet you were about it. Hits right at the point and is very thought-provoking.

    Looking forward to reading your blogs through the rest of the month!

    An A to Z Blogger
    Visions of Other Worlds
    Twitter: @jmarcarelli

  3. Great topic, Sara. And super right about the blogging. The more one blogs the more you meet people and it also gets easier. :)So I'm really getting practise right now 'cause I'm not so good at find topics.


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