Monday, March 26, 2012

The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey: Read-along Part Three

Welcome to our third read-along discussion of The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey. If you’re following our schedule, you should have read the first six sections of the book, and be finished with the section titled “Passion, 1921.” This read-along is hosted by Books & Movies. I'm only a few days late with this post.  Now I can relax and finish reading the book with everyone else - on time!  Click on the image above to take part in the discussion.

**Spoiler alert: We will be discussing details of the book you might not want to hear about until you actually read it, so if you haven’t read those sections and don’t want to read any spoilers, you should skip this post. 

This week, instead of being provided questions, we are being challenged to ask our own questions to share. So, here are mine:

When you found out that the Yellow House was being restored, who did you think was behind it?  

My mind went straight to Owen, but only because they had mentioned him staring at the picture in Eileen's house when he took her home.  I thought he was fixing it up for Eileen and was going to return it to her as a surprise gift.  I guess I was only partially right.  I was totally floored when he said that he was fixing it up for his wife.  I was bummed!!  Yeah, I walked into a brick wall on that one.  

Now that we know it was Owen who bought the Yellow House, do you think there is any chance that Eileen will reclaim it and get her family back together?

Now that Owen is divorced, I am hoping that he will do the right thing and give it to her, or at least offer it to her.  I am still holding on that the two of them will get together, and also that Eileen will restore her family as she has dreamed of.

Do you think that Lizzy will be found?  Who will find her?  How do you think that Lizzy will react/respond to being reunited to her family?

I am thinking that Owen will find Lizzy.  However, I think that she will not initially want to come home, or that she will just to meet them, but not to be reunited as Eileen is hoping.  I also feel that Frank will throw a wrench in things somewhere.  I just get a bad feeling about him when it comes to Lizzy, and I am not sure why.  I am also worried that Paddy is being all to quiet about things.  Surely that anger will pop up again somewhere - will it be anything connected to Lizzy?

Is there any hope in the future for Owen and Eileen?  Will Eileen keep the baby?

I am really pulling for the two of them to eventually get together as a family.  This baby just might be what gets them back together - at least that is what my heart is wanting.  I am hoping beyond hope that this baby and the reunion with Lizzy will draw the family back to the Yellow House and everything will end - Happily Every After!!!

This week, we will finish the book!!!!  Isn't this exciting?  I have thoroughly enjoyed this read-along!!!!  I'll be ready for something else when this one is finished!

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  1. I can't really answer without prejudice because I finished the book last night. :) But these are great questions - and I am so glad you joined us for the read-along!


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