Friday, March 30, 2012

Playing With MrLinky! - The Beginning of Friday Link Frenzy

As part of Bloggiesta, one of the mini-challenges shares a tutorial for using MrLinky, and challenges us to use it on our blog.  So, to experiment with MrLinky, I thought I'd ask my readers for some book suggestions by having you share your latest book reviews. In doing so, I have also decided to use this experiment / post as the start of my first meme - Friday Link Frenzy.

***Then during the next Bloggiesta I will have some task that deals with my meme and/or book suggestions!!!

So, with no further ado, I present:
Please share your latest book review!!


  1. Yay link widgets! Personally I prefer inlinkz, though. I think it has more functionality with a free membership.

  2. I just did the Bloggiesta mini-challenge, too. Your Mr. Linky worked great!

  3. Awesome Friday theme!! And good use of linking for the mini challenge :)


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