Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kiss Me, I'm Irish read-along: Hounded Chapters 1-5

Welcome to the first week of the Kiss Me, I’m Irish read-along! I really enjoyed the first five chapters of Hounded, I hope you did as well.  I am a few days late getting my post made, as I found the read-along late, but did not want to be left out.  This is a series / book that I was not familiar with prior to finding this read-along and I am finding that I am truly having fun with it.

Click on the image above if you want to learn more about the read-along and get the schedule.  Make sure you stop by Felicia’s blog and link up your answers if you are taking part.  

Here are my questions & answers:

1.  Kevin Hearne had the most perfect beginning for this book:  "There are many perks to living for twenty-one centuries, and formost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius."  If you were to live for centuries what do you think you would be excited to see? 

I would love to see the many generations of my own family.  I am lucky to be a gramma right now.  I would love to see my grandchildren grow and each generation beyond that.  

2.  In the 2nd chapter we learn about the amulet and its protection powers!  Do you think having met the Morrigan and heard about Aenghus Og that it will be enough to protect Atticus?  I mean the Morrigan has a point about hot chicks coming after him and his defenses might be down! He is very male!  

A male, and a cocky one at that!  I think he will certainly fight the urge when it arises, but I am not sure that it will completely protect him or if all the magic will drain, and he will lose all defences.

3.  The literary world's coolest dog is introduced in this chapter!  Did you love Oberon immediately?  Show me a picture or describe the type of animal you would love to have as a talking companion! (Cat, Dog, Mouse, Sloth, Horse---what is your pick--pictures please)?  

I do love Oberon!  He sounds fabulous.  I have always wanted a sphinx (naked cat).  I think they look even more strong-willed than the typical cat – almost vicious!

4.  In this chapter Flidais asked Atticus what his name is and then precedes to ask if anyone actually believes he is Greek?  He says nobody pays attention to names here.  Do you know what your name means and where it comes from?  Or do you have a name you wish had?  Let's talk names!  

Sara is a variant of Sarah – origin is Hebrew, meaning Princess.  It is very popular in Spain and Denmark.  I did not like my name as a kid growing up, but never had a name that I particularly wanted.  As an adult, I have settled with my name.

5.  We learn about Atticus' lawyers in this chapter, a rather unique combo!  Without jumping ahead, would you hire a lawyer combination of two supernaturals who on the surface would appear to be natural enemies or at the very least two very Alpha attitudes? What would be the positives and negatives of that decision.  

Knowing that Atticus is a supernatural, he would need a supernatural to defend him - someone that understood his world.  They say opposites attract.  I think having two natural enemies as a team could be great.  What one would not think of, the other is sure to think of.  They would create a sort of balance.  

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